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Tickets to JUVENTUS / TORINO in Torino

449.00 - 699.00
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Saturday Sa-11:59pm
Apr, 2020
Apr 4 Sa-11:59pm
11:59 PM
Strada di Altessano, 123A, 10151, Torino, Piemonte, Italia
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Please note that this is a ticket to exchange, you will be asked for an ID when you exchange at the reception of the HOTEL MASTER The ticket to the stadium (not including agency fees and rental fees) will have a different face value than the countermark purchased in our network. The differences between the face value and that of the ticket purchased on our networks can be very large for major sporting events depending on the pricing policies of the clubs (classics, decisive matches, Champions League, finals, etc.). In case of postponement and/or change of schedule the tickets remain valid for the new date. IMPORTANT: The date of the match may be subject to change without notice depending on the requirements of other competitions or the media. For example, a match scheduled for Saturday may be moved to Friday, Sunday or Monday. Similarly, games scheduled for Wednesday can be moved to Tuesday or Thursday and vice versa. The dates and times of the matches are available on It is up to customers to check the exact and final time of the match a few days before departure. No refunds will be made due to schedule changes. Match tickets: Your countermark must be exchanged for your match ticket on the day of the match from 10:00 a.m. at the reception of the MASTER Hotel (Corso Grosseto, 366 / 10151 Torino TO) Tel. 0034 635 174 527 This procedure also applies to e-ticket buyers. In the event that the terms of exchange are not met by the customers (date, place, schedule) we could not be held responsible. Warning: In some cases, tickets to the match will be sent by email in the form of e-tickets,200 days before the match. It is imperative to provide a VALIDE email address when booking for the receipt of e-tickets. In case of non-receipt of mail, tickets will be withdrawn at the hotel. Due to security rules in Italy, you will be contacted following your booking to provide a photocopy of each participant's passport or ID card. Sending these documents is essential to access the stadium and therefore to the validation of your booking. Please verify that you have provided an email address and a valid phone number at the time of booking. Category Information: Category 1: Central Side Tribune - Seats located in the central areas of the side grandstand (red zones) Category 2: Side Tribune - Seats located at the corners of the side stands (orange zones). Category 3: GOL - Seats located in GOL short side (yellow zones).