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La conversazione magica

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Club 27
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«La conversazione magica»

Saturday Sa - 06:30pm
April, 2020
Apr 25 Sa - 06:30pm
06:30 PM
Via Demonte, 8, 20162, Milan, Lombardy, Italy


THE CYCLE OF INCONTRIAtive Psychology is considered by psychologists to be a very effective therapy. One of its best-known exponents, Rafael Santandreu, wrote the book "Being Happy Against the Wind" CAPITOLOFere the book "Being Happy Against the Wind". You can download chapters: CONVERSATIONPaola will introduce topics, participants will delve into them through a collective conversation. The photo of Paola GROUP CHATIn the Telegram chat you can exchange opinions with 50 membri AND TIMEYY All Saturdays, from 6.30 pm to 20 ADDRESSClub 27Via Demonte, 820162 Milan MIThe photo of the club GOOGLE MAPS METROThe Club 27 is located 800 meters from the metro Ca Granda INSCRITIONSTo participate, you need to sign up on the website: TELEFONOTo have more information call 3319908505 whatsapp